Volunteer, Give, Attend, Spread the Word

How You Can Join The Movement

Run a Drive

Food drives are a fantastic way to get your friends and family involved in the struggle against hunger. You can make a great difference whether you arrange a regular food drive to collect canned goods or a virtual food drive to generate donations for your local food bank.

Be an Advocate

Our most effective strategy is to encourage people who are concerned about food security in our community to engage in the process, and to assist them whenever practical and possible. Every person’s opinion matters. Any voice has the potential to make a difference.


Volunteers at the food bank can help on a variety of levels, and they are constantly needed to help with inventory control, maintaining appropriate supplies, stocking and restocking products, finding financing, serving clients, processing orders, and collaborating with suppliers, other volunteers, and donors.

You and Your Friends Can Be Hunger Relief Advocates!

Advocacy can come in a variety of forms. Have you considered sending a text, email, or letter to your Member of Parliament and Ontario’s Premier? Inviting them to fund anti-poverty and food security efforts could help people break the cycle of poverty and pay long-term communal rewards.

Apply to be a Volunteer

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