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Our Mission

We strive to ensure that no person will go hungry and that our clients are treated with respect and dignity.

Your Food Bank

The Powassan and District Food Bank has been a part of our community since 1996, providing food and basic items to families in need. Serving Powassan, Trout Creek, Chisholm & Restoule.
Your Food Bank is a volunteer-run organization that relies on monetary and product donations from businesses and individuals to operate. We buy based on the best value for our money, therefore our shelves, refrigerators, and freezers are always stocked with a wide choice of foods.
Available grant funding is also critical in purchasing the food and resources your Food Bank requires to augment a household’s or individual’s basic needs.

Your Safety in Mind

The Powassan and District Food Bank complies with the rules, regulations, and restrictions that are in place at any time, mandated by the municipalities it serves, the province, and our local health unit.

Expiration dates on products are respected, and a “no abuse” policy is in place to ensure that volunteers and clients are treated with respect and dignity at all times.

Powassan and District Food Bank

250 Clark Street Powassan
(side entrance closest to library)

Hours of Operation

First three Wednesdays of the month
11:00am – 3:00pm

3rd Monday of each month
(only for working clients who need access to the Food Bank)
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

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What information do I need to provide when accessing the food bank?

We require information from your Ontario Health Card for each member of your family to become a registered client of the Powassan and District Food Bank. Proof of household income is also required (if any).

How much food will I receive each visit?

Each order contains milk, eggs, bread, and meat or poultry products. All clients benefit from receiving goods based on a point-value system.

What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity refers to the inability or uncertainty of obtaining or consuming an adequate diet quality or sufficient amount of food in socially acceptable ways.

Do you accept perishable foods?

Yes, we do accept perishable food. We have a large refrigerator and freezer and can now accept perishable foods such as frozen chicken, turkeys, ground beef as well as fresh vegetables and fruit. These items must be dropped off at the food bank in person.

When can I bring in donations?

In order to keep our volunteers, clients, neighbours and friends safe, we respectfully ask that you consider a donation of money in lieu of food.  This allows us to buy the food that our clients most need at wholesale prices. We also accept donations at the municipal office every weekday from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

What are your most needed items?

Please visit our Most Needed Items page to see our list.

I would like to volunteer, who do I contact?

You can become a volunteer by applying online, coming in on one of the first two Wednesdays of the month between 11am – 3pm or call us at 705-492-3958.

Sally McCharles, Coordinator of Powassan and District Food Bank (2016-2022)
Sally worked at the food bank as a volunteer for many years before becoming the Coordinator. She had such a positive impact at the food bank and in the community. She will always be remembered for her hard work and dedication to the food bank. She is missed greatly.

In Memory

“I remember meeting Sally at a maple syrup pancake breakfast as she was collecting donations for the food bank. I was new to the community, anxious to meet people, and to volunteer at the food bank. Sally was so very welcoming, and with that warmth, a friendship was born. Sally was very much a people person and has taught many of us fantastic people skills that we cherish to this day. New clients would arrive to the food bank anxious not knowing what to expect. Sally would always put them at ease and make them feel very welcome. On the busiest of food bank days, she would answer all of their questions and her patience with the clients shined through. I was very impressed by her. Sally was always there to help out with any food bank fundraiser we were having, regardless of sitting in the hot sun or in the pouring rain. She would always remind us that we cannot control the weather.
Sally and I worked closely together as the food bank shoppers. There were times we did not know if all we bought would fit in the car. Sally’s favourite food bank event was the annual Toy Drive and every year she would say, ‘What a giving community we live in. The children will have a great Christmas.’ Whenever it was a food bank day, Sally was up and ready to go. Before the pandemic, the food bank was like going to a little grocery store and was very much a social environment for our clients. Sally and all the volunteers truly cherished those days and moments, and even more so now with the passing of our beloved Sally. All of us at the Powassan and District food bank feel the hole that Sally has left. We will continue onward with the legacy Sally has shaped for the Powassan and District Food Bank.”
-Diane Cole, Coordinator

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